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What does media relations mean in the days of new media?

I used to occasionally witness orchestrated acts of civil disobedience in which protesters and police knew in advance what was expected to occur — a trespass at a facility’s gates leading to an arrest.

Now the formality of certain events and sense of an authority decreeing what is newsworthy — an official, an assignment editor, either one — is in flux in the days of citizen journalists and dwindling traditional news outlets. (more…)


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Buzzing right along Tire (Goodyear)

I like reading online comments. I may use Yelp, CNET reviews or Trip Advisor when making consumer choices. I like Wikipedia when fact-checking, and the concepts behind James Surrowiecki’s book, the Wisdom of Crowds. (more…)

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Word of Mouse

Somehow it all comes down to trust. My neighbor and fellow IABC member Shel Holtz was commenting at today’s second East Bay Social Media Breakfast that a dozen years ago the research emphasis there was on topics such as these . . . on the linkage between that quality and business communications approaches. (more…)

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Lately I’ve been thinking. I drew up a generic social media marketing approach for adapting and integrating into outreach efforts. (more…)

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Having nailed down what concepts will drive the customizable social media campaign under development, it’s time to manage, build, and vitalize the community. (more…)

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