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Owning success

There is a saying that failure is an orphan and success has many authors. I like the leadership approach that when a task is accomplished, the people say “we did it ourselves.”

Change is definitely a time when the transition cannot be done alone, even if the call begins with a few voices in the wilderness.

In fact, movement may begin from outside your organization. With this in mind, an outside expert may more powerfully explain the need and benefit to the people whose support and participation is needed, while an insider can commiserate with the discomfort and soothe ruffled feathers.

Once the initiative is under way, visible recognition of active participants signals that new approaches are valued. While recognition often helps build toward a new direction, be aware there can be some sensitivity on the part of the recipients in what form of attention is most acceptable to them.

Finally, ideally, your organization will intersperse the periods of upheaval with phases of predictable operations. In the proper doses, a change initiative keeps an organization vital and high-performing. Veering too far toward continual transition can contribute to suspended animation or wheel-spinning during flux and uncertainty. On the other extreme, there is a risk of missed opportunities through inflexibility.

Able leaders will embrace well-advised moves. The following interview sums up much of what I endorse in pursuing wise change – from a leader who is transitioning to a larger campus within the California State University system, moving up from California State University, East Bay (where I have been busy lately) to head San Jose State University.

How transformational leadership takes companies to new heights in any economy | Smart Business.


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