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The real and the virtual merged in some sense the other day on a social media-inspired trip.

I was taking BART into San Francisco the other evening for a holiday social event for the San Francisco-Silicon Valley Social Media Club.

The rail station was plastered on each side of the passenger platform with bright blue posters advertising the nano Flip camera — about 50 on each side, and that was all I saw advertised.

It felt like being immersed in a convergence of an actual ‘superhighway’ (well, a rail line) and a marketing blitz pushing a digital emergence.

Fair enough. Then, exiting the station back home, I glanced up to see a poster promoting an art college’s top tweets on Twitter. That coincidental sighting of a second digital technology splash made the excursion seem even more like whatever I and others are doing in a particular place could be likely to revolve around serving a virtual space.

At theĀ  event itself, happily, people focused on mingling directly and digital devices were scarce, aside from taking a cell phone camera photos.

. . .

Speaking of devices, I heard of one convenience-inspired use of an iPhone the other day — someone I met bypasses using a copy machine and just takes camera-phone photos of financial documents.

. . .

It’s interesting to watch the emergence.

. . .

On a whole different topic of observation, it is also mildly amusing sometimes to spot drifts in usage. A case in point is when piquing interest becomes either peaking (like a zenith) or, even, peeking interest (like catching a peep of someone’s interest – ?)

If this were the New Yorker, I could end with a wry remark about the slip-up. But perhaps yours are even better?



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What does media relations mean in the days of new media?

I used to occasionally witness orchestrated acts of civil disobedience in which protesters and police knew in advance what was expected to occur — a trespass at a facility’s gates leading to an arrest.

Now the formality of certain events and sense of an authority decreeing what is newsworthy — an official, an assignment editor, either one — is in flux in the days of citizen journalists and dwindling traditional news outlets. (more…)

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